How can i reduce my energy costs with an hvac system?

With a few proactive steps, you can reduce your home's HVAC energy consumption and reduce your bills. Keep up to date with routine maintenance. Keep your vents clean and uncluttered. Natural gas and electricity bills in winter can be very expensive as Indianans try to keep their homes and businesses warm.

By following several simple tips, consumers can reduce their energy consumption and better manage their heating bills. In addition to following these tips, a home energy assessment can be a big help. Indiana utility companies, including AES Indiana, CenterPoint Energy, Duke Energy, I%26M and NIPSCO, offer energy efficiency programs. The easiest and most effective way to reduce your HVAC heating bill is to change your air filters.

Most people don't change their filters often enough. Dirty filters clog up and restrict airflow. The most obvious benefit that an energy-efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning system will provide to your family is a lower utility bill.